A few good links: Italy's holiday witch

Courtesy NCavillones/Flickr
George Washington Bridge, New York

O little town of Bethlehem, Pa. "White 26-point Moravian stars twinkle into life on every porch…" [Chicago Tribune]

Crapped out? Vegas still offers fun at low stakes These days looking for cheap fun isn't a sucker's bet. [AP]

Australia's National Breakfast Spread Gets Its Own Museum Vegemite is now behind glass, where it belongs. [Jaunted]

A bespoke tour of Manhattan Bicycling around the island on the Waterfront Greenway. [Guardian]

Taking Flight with Italy's Holiday Witch In many parts of the country it's an "ugly, broom-flying and present-wielding witch who keeps children on their toes" for Epiphany. [Spiegel]

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