An open letter to Disney officials

Courtesy Disney

To the magic-makers at Disney,

Being bargain hunters, we've loved 2009's "What Will You Celebrate?" campaign. After all, free admission on a person's birthday to your Florida and California theme parks is what budget travel is all about. And getting to act like a little kid certainly takes the sting out of turning another year older!

Which is why we urge you to please extend this program into 2010. You've extended campaigns like this before. (The "Year of a Million Dreams" was supposed to end in 2007, and you took it through 2008.)

Sure, we're cautiously optimistic that the worst of the recession will be over by next year. But we also know that a lot families will continue to struggle. During hardship, every little bit of sunshine helps. Walt knew that better than anyone.

So we hope you'll extend the free-admission-on-your-birthday promotion to next year. Because there's a little bit of Peter Pan in all of us!


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