Awards for worst toilets, beaches, and souvenirs

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Ever come across the smallest plane seat or the dumbest recreational sport ever invented, and wanted to tell the world about it?

Now there's a way to tip your hat to the worst travel experiences with The Titanic Awards, a site dedicated to the most outrageous incidents. The site was launched May 25 by author and columnist Doug Lansky, who also manages the equally hilarious site Signspotting.

Sharing is easy. Simply nominate what country you think has the most annoying tourists or the most confusing roads, for example, by e-mailing the editor photos, videos or documented news items at

There aren't any prizes if your item wins the award, just some good old personal satisfaction. You can also take the World's Worst Travel Survey in the sidebar to nominate the worst beer or dirtiest beach you've had the displeasure of encountering.

The site also includes pages by experienced travel writers and editors who recall their worst travels and dish out their choices for the worst toilets, souvenirs, and hotel bed sheets.

—David Cumming

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