Got $55,000 To Burn? Try This Round-The-World Cruise!

Lonely Planet - United StatesA Cruise ship in the port of Miami - Florida
Lonely Planet

Is all that money burning a hole in your pocket? Do you have 129 days to kill? We've got just the cruise for you!

For just $54,499 per person—I know, I know, mere pocket change—you can embark on a glorious 128-night cruise around the world, dock in more than 60 ports on six continents, and visit 31 countries along the way with 499 of your new best friends. 

This special bargain price also includes sweet perks like first class airfare, shore excursions, suite accommodations onboard the Regent Seven Seas Navigator, as well as complimentary WiFi, meals, and beverages (except for premium-level drinks). Plus, you'd be at sea for a little over four months, so you would basically be trading in four months' rent for the same amount of time in your brand new, all-inclusive sailing apartment!

On the bright side, you've got some time to start saving up, as the cruise doesn't actually depart from Miami until January 5th, 2017. As for me, I'm filing this one under "things to do if I ever win the lottery" for the time being, but it's still fun to think about.

What do you think? If money was no object, is this something you would want to do?

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