Contest: Ever nearly break up while traveling?


You can win a DVD of 2 Days in Paris—the compelling story of how a couple (played by Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg) hit the rocks in their relationship during a visit to her hometown of Paris.

Have you ever broken up—or nearly broken up—while traveling? Then post your story as a comment below. The ten best stories will win a DVD of 2 Days in Paris. If you've posted a winning story, we'll contact you by February 14, 2008 (using the email address you provide when you post).

The movie is both funny and sad. The characters of Marion's parents are played by Delpy's real-life French parents. One of the funniest parts of the movie is a recurring encounter with a pixie-like Frenchman, played by Daniel Brühl, who likes to blow up restaurants that serve genetically-modified foods.

Credit: ‘Fox Home Entertainment.’

EXPERT ADVICEEight couples share ideas on how to make the most of traveling together—and avoid big fights on the road.

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO POSTED A STORY. Winning entries can be found in our story, 10 Amazing Fights Between Lovers on the Road

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