San Francisco: Google maps famous, favorite places

Courtesy Yoshimasa Niwa/Flickr
A Google Maps marker in Chinatown

Quick quiz: What is the favorite place of slow-food diva Alice Waters? It's Zuni Cafe, her "home away from home." At least, that's what Google Map's Favorite Places told us.

Zuni Cafe is just one of the suggestions on Google's Favorite Places page, which lists and maps locations that in-the-know (and usually very famous) locals love. You can map celeb recommendations worldwide, but we like to keep it local: Mayor Gavin Newsom's favorite hidden sandwich spot is the Mint Cafe, for instance. And the Decemberists' bass player, Nate Query, says the city's best jazz spot is Yoshi's. In this foodie town, the recommendations are heavy on the gourmet, but there are also tips on antique shops, beaches, and cocktail lounges.

Google has even set up real live markers that look like map pin-points outside some establishments (see photo), so you know when you're walking by a favorite. Who knows, maybe you'll even run into your favorite local celeb while you're there.

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