The first-ever underground Colosseum tours

Courtesy tliang1/myBudgetTravel

At last! Starting tomorrow—and for the first time ever—travelers can enter the underground level where wild animals and gladiators once waited before facing off in the Colosseum. I blogged about the restoration work back in June and included a video clip of head architect's Barbara Nazzaro tour of the space.

A section of the Colosseum's third and highest remaining tier, which was once reserved for middle-class Romans, is also opening to the public and will grant sweeping views of Palatine Hill and the Forum. Reuters reports that officials hope the new spaces will ease crowding at the amphitheater, which gets 18,000 visitors on a typical day.

Tickets are now available for small-group tours (maximum 25 people) from October 19 through November 30 at $11 (€8) per person. Advance reservations are required: 011-39/06-39-967-700,

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