This weekend: Let out your inner artist at Figment in NYC

Courtesy thatneuro/Flickr
Fun with hula hoops at Figment, on New York's Governors Island

If art museums and stodgy art galleries aren't really your thing, be sure to check out Figment on Governors Island in New York City this weekend.

The celebration, now in its third year, was created as an alternative to the city's traditional art scene—the completely free outdoor event encourages collaborative and participatory projects. Attendees essentially become artists for a day. The festival's name comes from Andy Warhol, when he was asked about his tombstone: ''No epitaph, and no name. Well, actually, I'd like it to say 'figment.' "

There are a ton of events and projects scheduled, starting on Friday. They range from something as simple as a coloring table or a community poem to the elaborate-sounding Chorus in a Box, where participants dial their cell phones to get a looped tape of a song, which they are then encouraged to sing (or something…sounds like you have to be there). Some other interesting activities include Hula-hoop dancing, a Plant Parenthood adoption event, and a Frisbee-designing session, sponsored by the Children's Museum of Manhattan. There's also an artist-designed mini-golf course and a sculpture garden.

The 2008 celebration attracted more than 10,000 participants, and organizers say they're expecting more this year. The only thing they ask you to bring? Your creativity (and maybe a snack).

Another happening of note in New York City this weekend is the World Science Festival with speeches by prize-winning scientists and other programs.

Figment is Friday through Sunday and free. There's a free ferry to Governors Island. For more info, go to

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