TripTracker: Whip up a no-fuss, insta-itinerary

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Today the newly launched websiteTripTracker called itself to our attention for finding a way to save us from the sin of sloth. The site manages your itineraries similar to TripIt, which we've blogged about before. But it fully automates the process so you don't even have to email or upload info. You punch in your frequent flier and rewards program info once (United, AA, Starwood, Hilton, Hertz, Avis, etc.) and then every time there is an update to those accounts (such as when you make a reservation for a flight or a hotel), the data appears in the application.

Glance at your trip's essential details, from hotel booking confirmation codes to the address of a key restaurant booked through OpenTable.

Access the info from a PC or smartphone on the go. Your itinerary is presented in creative, helpful ways, such as a map of your flight route with live weather radar, live terminal and gate info, and your hotel's location plotted on a map.

Bonus: It's free, but advertising-supported. (The ad-free version costs a buck.)

TripTracker is not a product of some fly-by-night Internet startup. Instead, it's run by a Pageonce, a company that's already the top personal finance application across iPhone, BlackBerry, Android.

Here at This Just In, we're just psyched someone has found a way to round up every important detail of our upcoming trip, so we have one less thing to worry about. But we haven't had a chance to take this new service during an actual trip yet. (It only launched with car rentals last Friday, and flights and hotels the week before.) If you have thoughts in the meantime, feel free to chime in.

Details at TripTracker

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