What's the Coolest Small Town in America 2017?

009.CST_ClaytonNY_11Clayton, NY
Stephanie Adams

Clayton, N.Y. (Winner 2011): Some shore communities take their location for granted. Not so with Clayton, where most activities, from fishing to visiting the Antique Boat Museum, seem to revolve around the water. 

We need your help! Tell us about a small town (pop. under 20,000) that you love and we may feature it an upcoming story.

What makes a small town cool?

We’ve all been there. You’re walking down a vibrant Main Street in a small American town you’ve never visited before. The people are especially open, especially proud. The storefronts beckon, one after another, with unique art, food, clothing. Maybe you even discover that the town happens to be the birthplace of a figure from history or the arts that you especially admire. The view from Main Street of, say, distant mountains, or a bustling wharf, or a perfect park, inspires you to post a picture on Instagram. Congrats. You’ve just discovered one of the Coolest Small Towns in America.

Tell us about a cool small town

Whether it’s your hometown or your favorite weekend escape or a community you’ve recently discovered, we want to hear your suggestions for the Coolest Small Town in America 2017. Tell us the name of a cool American town (pop. under 20,000, please), some inspiring information (where to eat, play, and stay) today.

There are three ways to share:

  • Post on social media: Tag us at #BTCoolestSmallTowns on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (we’d love to see images of your Coolest Small Town too).
  • Email us: CoolestSmallTowns@BudgetTravel.com.
  • Post a comment: Scroll down to the bottom of this story and post in the comment box.

In a few weeks, just as the official summer 2017 season kicks off, we’ll announce our 10 Coolest Small Towns in America 2017, carefully curated by the Budget Travel editorial team to deliver world-class travel destinations, reflect cultural and geographical diversity, and honor communities that display the qualities we consider cool. Will your town be on our list?

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