Will Kindles Replace Bibles in Hotel Rooms?

Courtesy Sean MacEntee/Flickr
Paper Bibles could be replaced by Kindles

You may be in for a surprise next time you open a drawer in your hotel room. A pilot program being launched at the Hotel Indigo in Newcastle, England is replacing paper Bibles with Kindles pre–loaded with a copy in the 148 rooms. If the program is successful (it runs until July 16, 2012), Kindles could be tried out at the hotel chain's 44 locations worldwide.

Guests of the hotel can read the good word, or borrow free books from the 1,500–title Kindle lending library during their stay. You can also buy books through Amazon to be loaded on the Kindle, but you can't take it with you and the device will be wiped after you check out. And remember the 8th commandment: Kindles that make their way into guests' suitcases will result in a replacement charge.

The program has no affiliation with Gideons International, the organization responsible for all those hotel Bibles (they distributed more than 80 million last year). They have no problem with the electronic versions, with a spokesperson telling CNN "Anything to put the Bible in people's hands is a good thing."

What are your thoughts on the program? Do you think this is a step toward modernity, or the end of a tradition?


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