Table of Contents: April 2007

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Secret Hotels of California Wine Country   
You don't have to spend a fortune to visit the fanciest farmland in America. We've found a crop of lovely, family-run inns in Napa, Sonoma, and beyond for less than $200 a night.
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River Cruising in Eastern Europe   
Cruise ships are now larger--and have more attractions--than some small nations. But there's also a subtler way to sail: river cruising. Marilyn Holstein explores Germany, Austria, and Hungary while drifting slowly along the Danube.
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My Brooklyn in Better Than Yours   
Manhattan? Fuhgeddaboudit. These days, the most interesting part of New York is across the East River.
  3 Brooklyn Walking Maps

The Cool List: The Best New Thrills   
We celebrate the best new thrills, from over-the-top water attractions and interactive art to North America's first bridge climb and New York City's best view.
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Web Smart: Booking Cruises Online   
Buying a cruise used to be kind of like sailing in uncharted waters. A new online tool helps you get your bearings.

Road Trip: Michigan's Upper Peninsula   
The area is gorgeous, remote, and quirky--where the people prefer ATVs to cars, and menus feature meat pockets and Paul Bunyan-size cinnamon rolls.

40 Best Vacations   
The Real Deals right now.

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