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Highlights from the 20 Tips column in this month's <i>Budget Travel,</i> including bright ideas for car rentals and a new use for Post-its.

1. State of grace. When renting a car, be sure that its license plate is from the state you're in. I travel almost half of the year on business (and another month for pleasure), and over time, I've noticed that police are more likely to give a traffic ticket to a driver with out-of-state tags than to one with their state's tags. James Owens, Lexington, Va.

2. What a bright idea. Print your itinerary details--including all confirmation numbers, telephone numbers, etc.--on colored paper. When you have to refer to them, it's easy to locate that piece of paper among other items you may be carrying. Beverly J. Rettus, Los Gatos, Calif.

3. Say it with Post-its. I'm probably known as the Post-it Lady on cruise ships! I use them to leave notes on the cabin mirror for the steward--asking for more ice, more Kleenex, an extra towel, whatever. It works! Eleanor L. Benedict, Herndon, Va.

4. Who ya gonna call? Before leaving home, place or tape an index card in a pocket in your luggage with your charge cards' emergency telephone numbers that can be called if the cards are lost or stolen. (Not the charge card numbers, just the telephone numbers.) If your cards are missing, you will not have an additional problem of not knowing who or what number to call. This would have greatly helped an elderly couple I met when I was traveling. The wife had had her wallet taken and no idea who to call about credit cards, etc. Nancy A. Charest, Hamden, Conn.

5. Sit on it. When traveling, I always take a three-legged chair, available from Magellan's (search for "packseat" at, $25). It weighs almost nothing, and I sewed on a wide woven guitar strap. I slip it over my shoulder and the chair lies flat and light against my back. When I need to sit and listen to a guide during a long walking tour, I simply slide the seat down and it's ready for my tired self. On every tour group I've been with, people ask me where I got my seat. It also fits perfectly in the overhead compartment of a plane. Stephanie Pincson, San Francisco, Calif.

You can find more tips in the March 2007 issue of Budget Travel magazine.

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