Where'd all the $10 Skybus fares go?

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Many of 'em have been booked up already. Here's this, from the Roanoke Times, a Virginia paper:

Within 12 hours of the sale's start, customers snapped up all its $10 tickets for flights to Burbank, Calif., from February to May, said Skybus spokesman Bob Tenenbaum. The $10 fares are disappearing on some routes. Although the fares are offered on each flight, only 10 such seats are available at that price. Skybus' aircraft average about 150 seats on each flight, Tenenbaum said.

A reader of this blog, Alejandro Crespi, noted that the final prices of other tickets are much higher than $10:

I just went to their web site and tried find a flight from Greensboro to Los Angeles (Burbank) and the first flight is in February, (no flights at all before then) and the lowest price is $75 each way plus baggage fee, taxes etc. Most of the flights are $100 each way, plus extras.

In Skybus's defense, a $200-ish round-trip fare is roughly 40 percent what Northwest was offering on that same route (flying, it must be noted, into LAX instead of Burbank) before the discounter appeared.

Meanwhile, Skybus may soon announce routes between Columbus and Niagara Falls (about 20 miles from Buffalo), and Columbus and Gary-Chicago airport, about 30 minutes to an hour's distance from key parts of the Windy City.

(Thanks for the tip, Lisa!)

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